10 Amazon Must Haves! *tech, fashion, beauty

Објављено 4 окт 2020
here is some stuff you need from amazon! lowkey amazon hauls are always my fav! what was the last thing you bought from amazon? beauty, fashion, tech? xo -alisha marie
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Mighty Patch Original: amzn.to/3naYElX
Mighty Patch Invisible: amzn.to/34DnJxx
Bucket Hat: amzn.to/2GB7TuV
Black Sunglasses Chain: amzn.to/2GrQyoh
Silver Sunglasses Chain: amzn.to/30zJHA5
Floor Lamp: amzn.to/3cVDljm
Lashes: amzn.to/2Sn3E8K
Water Bottle: amzn.to/3ncGsbH
Laptop Light: amzn.to/3d1AwNN
Tech Bag: amzn.to/33s5SKk
Desk Pads: amzn.to/3lcaxWL
Jewelry Bag: amzn.to/3cZnGQf
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  • I want to buy the acne patches! And the jewelry bag!

  • the last thing i bough from amazon is some hair clips, and they haven't came yet. but let me tell u i'm so excited. also anyone wanna send me money for my amazon addiction? hhhaahahhaha

  • ALISHA!! Your hair and makeup is looking fly, where do you go to get your hair done?!

  • Pumpkin

  • Eating breakfast and listening to you talking about pimple patches, lol.

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  • Not throwing shade but I’m curious do you get to write theses items as business expenses because you’ve used them for a video

  • "pumpkin" anyone know why i'm commenting this?

    • No one cares

  • I’m ordering the mighty patches rn. 😌

  • Must haves more like must watch ALISHA NOWWWW

  • The impressions lol😂

  • Omg that jewelry pouch is life changing

  • Who’s watching this cus there bored and they where shopping on Amazon and now your here cus u don’t need anything but your mind says u do need to spend more money.

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  • Pumpkin

  • Alisha needs to try some neon signs

  • Pumpkin (if your confused read the description)

  • I loved how she exposed herself love her been her fan like for 3+years

  • I got the desk mat and I love it. It adds a super nice pop of color to my desk. And sometimes I scratch my desk by dropping scissors or something stupid like that and this stops it.

  • that is the most ugly light I ever saw in my whole life

  • I havent seen her since 2018, then in 2021 she pops up in my recommended

  • pumpkin

  • Lol because of this I asked my parents for the water bottle for christmas and I actually got it I LOVE IT thanks Alisha

  • I've never shopped from Amazon 😬 actually recently ordered a bra and now gotta go to my bank to cancel the transaction bc the company won't like finish letting me cancel my order smh

  • I love your videos!!! Thank you for keeping me entertained while I’m bored at work lol. Much love 💕 😌

  • I literaly just went to buy the Laptop light i was so excited and then when i clicked the like they were out im sad

  • pumpkin :)

  • The floor lamp looks CUTEEEEEE ayeee

  • Nice Addison impression

  • Last thing I bought: shoe polish Thing I need to buy: Hanes oversized sweater

  • pumpkin 🎃

  • Pumpkin

  • Alisha!! Can you please try out indian food? Please 🙏 for your indian fans

  • pumpkin!

  • Pumpkin

  • you started the video weared whith your leg in the air I like this video and how can you strech your leg that much?

  • Queen Emma never tells you to subscribe or like the vid which is so great

  • I like the lamp

  • You made me buy the mighty patches thank you soo much 😀❤️

  • these all look so cool omg the desk pad woah

  • hi alisha!!

  • 🖤

  • Omg yes I love the jewelry case I need that!!!

  • buy jewllery

  • Silk pillow case lol

  • pumpkin😁😁😁

  • We need more girl this is love 💗

  • More small business hauls! I absolutely LOVED your black owned business hauls - gave me alot of ideas of where I should shop and support small biz

  • Last thing I bought on Amazon was a suture kit... HAHAH (my dream is to become a surgeon) Also, my dad has a bunch of those Yeti branded water bottles.

  • Not me having six yeti bottles when watching this😂✨

  • “Hey subscribe. Hey you subscribe. Was that stupid? I’m just trying to get more ppl to subscribe.” LOL

  • the addison impression was on POINT.😂

  • I have a snow cone machine from Amazon and I use it all the time and I really think y’all should get one!!! Or since y’all love movie nights a cute little popcorn machine from Amazon!!! And I have been binge watching your vlogs and main channel videos and can’t wait for vlogmas!!!!!!

  • When she was talking abt the water bottle and said, "it is 40 dollars" *clicks out of video

  • hey a hack is using the eyeglass chains on your mask . that what i do

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  • Do the acne patches work on black heads

  • pumpkin

  • ok so the acne patches that she had shows they were around $13 which is not expensive but you can get cheaper ones that work just as well called blemish patches. Walmart sells them for only $2.50 so i just get mine from Walmart

  • If I can get myself in the habit of drinking water that yeti bottle will be my gift to me 😍😂

  • Maybe you should do a video where you react to your oldest videos on youtube and instagram posts and blog

  • pumpkin

  • pumpkin

  • Omg buy foot peeling masks! it will literally save ur feet the Demora foot peel mask is amazons best seller

  • the last thing i bought from amazon was clothes

  • That lamp thing is useless

  • Pumpkin 🎃

  • I have like a million yetis and I keep telling my friends to get them


  • -pumpkin

  • NEED Yeti waterbottle...bought all the knock offs, but the price dupe isn't worth it. The handle, the mouth piece, and the screw off lid, COMPLETE PACKAGE!

  • Lol

  • The light is uglycute and I got the yeti water bottle from dick’s sporting goods

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  • the lap is cute

  • you are so funny

  • I love how Alisha just.... doesn't mind dropping the F bomb in videos. Im here for it. Thanks for being real AF ❤

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  • 70$ for a tiny light girl use a window its free

  • The lamp is amazing

  • Me after this video goes on Amazon and buys everything alisha recommended

  • what amazon? jk jk

  • This is just my personal opinion. To me, back then, Alisha treats RScycle like a hobby, an entertainment for her subs. Now, she treats RScycle like a business, keeping up with the latest trends and stuff. And there's nothing wrong with that at all. I'm happy that she found a new niche for her video. But personally, I liked the previous Alisha Marie better. Funny videos, funny sketches, cinematic editing. But I guess she grew up from all that now. And I'm proud of her for all of her success.

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  • My mom has that water bottle and it was EXPENSIVE. But worth it!! And I didnt know it was dishwasher safe!

  • I recommend an in shower hair massager to massage the shampoo

  • Do you know of an inexpensive clear water bottle for school?

  • I have the exact same yeti white and has the same mouthpiece and have a 26 ounce you make me feel so cool because every one else in my school has a hydro flask thank you 🤍🤍👏🏻👏🏻

  • Pumpkin I LOVE YOU QUEEN!!


  • Is it just me or does anyone else jam to her outro song? 😂

  • Halloween squash

  • Who else gets creeped out by bucked hats ? Just me .....ok

  • love the video lol

  • The lamp is sooo cute


  • pumpkin 😗✌️

  • The last thing I bought from Amazon was a bobs burgers coloring book. But I saw a drink organizer on TikTok and I want one so bad.

  • pick a language 9:48 - 9:51