DMing Celebrities to Shop For Me on AMAZON!!

Објављено 8 нов 2020
Today I’m DMing celebrities / influencers to tell me what to buy on Amazon! What was the last thing you bought from amazon? do- Alisha Marie

Instagram: @Alisha
Twitter: @AlishaMarie
Snapchat: LidaLu11
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JoJo Siwa Doll:
Friends Legos:
Turtle Toy:
Power Strip:
Silver Wig:
Pink Wig:
Red Wig:
Grey Pink Wig:
Green Wig:

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**IF YOU'RE READING THIS** comment "down in the dms"



  • ok wow so many replies!! which was ur fav??

    • Idk

    • Probs the fact that you got a reply from the queen Jojo siwa so my fav would be her and omg I love her so much 😍😍😍😍

    • Maddie!

    • ilysm

    • Alisha this is Awkward but there is a whole type of Lego series called Lego friends and it’s like five girls that are best friends...🌷

  • As soon as I saw her eyes in those glasses when she tried to look at TK, I lost it

  • your so stupid change it to "DMing influencers to Shop Me on AMAZON!!" litterally larray,charlidamelio,jamescharles

  • This is stupid, but why did she censor Jojo's DMs and not the other ones??

  • ✨🐼✨🥺✨🥰✨🧸✨🎀✨

  • Do late90's and early 2000s celebs dm s your music choices

  • Her message to maddie before was hilarious Alisha: almost broke my back doing that 😂

  • I love how she is so excited when celebrities answer her when she is a celebrity herself

  • omg I'm just gonna say that Alisha looks like Maddie's sister so much

  • She said fuck 100× times

  • I have the lego friends set and it turned out so good

  • down in the dms

  • Wait did alisha start this trend if so yess I love her

  • I love this so so much

  • 8:10 the dog freaked out

  • so late HAHAH but down in the dm's!!

  • the fact that she got legi f r i e n d s and not lego friends....... real lego fans will know the difference

  • Only ogs remember first / last day of school


    • she literally said at the beginning influencers AND celebrities tho-

  • 🌻

  • Can you not swear so much I love watching your vids but I can listen to swears or say swears


  • Uhm this was posted on my sister b-day

  • How has this girl have 8 million subs and I’ve never here if her? Lol

    • you clearly weren’t on the saturated side of youtube in 2016 😩😩🦶

  • Charli isn’t a celebrity 💀

  • Subscribe to Aarush manthena

  • Omg, I had two turtles, one for over 5 years but sadly they both found a way to run away😭😭

  • I love this video haha

  • Your commentary in this video was every thing. 😂

  • Omg alisha Marie was legit my childhood, her back to school videos with the collabs, ugh miss her

  • "down in the dms"

  • As your dming Larry’s I get a notification he posted on his story i-

  • When i was little my dad always bought me alot lf friends legls from rewe

  • Alisha is glowing here

  • Down in the dms

  • 10:20 well... it happened

  • Who’s gonna tell her that she meant the actual lego friends set...

  • who saw what she sent to james charles before this video, some words i'll say

  • You got the wrong legos

  • The thing is that the she already talked to some of them so there definitely gonna reply

  • i paused at 5:26...

  • I’m so sorry but at 6:21 i LOST it LMAO 😂

  • Omg I use to watch her when I was little

  • does anyone know where her navy/dark gray zip up top is from? lol

  • I love how she’s surprised when some tik tokers reply, when she’s more known to a older generation.

  • Gosh why do I think she's a mean girl 😂😂

  • I think charli meant the lego friends like Mia Stephenie Emma Olivia Andrea like that one lol

  • Charli isn’t a celebrity y’all stupid 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Jesus loves you! He died for you and when he was on the cross he thought about you! Thank goodness three days later he rose again! Have a great day/night, God bless!💗

    • ok

    • @Rania Kanagini thank you☺️💗

    • Amen! God bless you! Thanks for spreading our Lord's word 🙏😊💓

  • I think Charli might have meant the actual lego friends thing!?

  • Tell me why when she said charli i got a notification that Charlie was going live on insta

  • Btw Charli is not a “Celebrity” she just a tiktoker

    • @Perla g yep, the clout lmao

    • @Me Oop yea

    • we know and probably so does she it’s just for a video title

  • Watching u has become a daily thing❤

  • “Down in the dms”

  • She DMing James holy f****** s**t deleting cmt later x

  • yeah.... charli's not a celebrity.. just sayin

  • THE MOMENT WHERE YOU WERE LIKE “oh okay she’s not gonna get the toy” and you looked back and was like “purrr queen get that toy” PERIOD ASF💕

  • Everyone else in a situation where they need to use the taser : “ turns on Taser” Me: turns on flashlight instead of taser-

  • I need those glasses because when I’m on my iPad I always hurt my neck but they look like a snail with four eyes

  • That’s not Lego friends- .... boo I think charli meant like the girls 🙈 lmao

  • Charli is a tik toker not a celebrity

  • How many bad words she said in the vid 😒

  • I love your hair!

  • I think Charli meant «Lego friends» and not «Lego •F•R•I•E•N•D•S•»

  • Great video!!!! My fav one would be Jojo siwas 😍😍😍 I would love to meet her one day!!!😍😍😍

  • Charlo me tengo Lego friends sets that it means like the one in the purple box not the series one but its ok

  • Charli “I would recommend a lego friends set” Alissa buys a lego f.r.i.e.n.d.s set

  • Those weren’t celebrity’s....

  • i think by lego friends i think she meant the girl brand of legos...

  • I have sagway and its really fun

  • Like can you like text Addison Rae I love her 😍

  • That’s not what charli meant lmao

  • I think Charli mentioned the other Lego friends sets, the one w/ Stephanie, Emma, Andrea, Olivia etc. Ause she said sets, and other friends sitcom is only a set .idk

  • I think she a little jelly that she do not have a check mark on your name

  • I wonder if she dm Larray or James and if they anwsered I will edit if she does She dmed jamescharles She dmed larray James anwsered Larray anwsered Yayyyyy everyone

  • Lol I think her dog is the turtle. 😂

  • Honestly I could watch this more often if she didn’t swear so much

  • Queen!!!

  • Heyyo.............I'm subscribed

  • DMing celebs? Charli isnt a celeb but ok

  • Her: Hey you, you should subscribe Me: ok why not No really this is the first video I’ve ever watched of her 😅

  • That pimple is giving me anxiety 😦

  • why did u Delete your other videos :(

  • Favorite cord YOU HAVE MORE

  • Friends set :)

  • Alisha: If your ever walking on the streets and your not feeling comfortable just whip it out of your purse and be like bish

  • alisha i love you and all but charli meant lego friends not like friends tv show lol but honestly i really want to get the one you got but it’s a lot of $$

  • is this the girl from chicken girls

  • When was jojo siwa a celebriti ?

  • I liked how she said the charli d'amelio is a celebrity

  • Maddie is not a cleb or charil is not a celeb or dixie

  • Hey! Alisha can you PLEASE in your videos stop saying bad words?

  • we need a whole video on those roller shoes

  • I love this idea

  • Ok but like tiktokers are not celebrities

    • thats why she said INFLUENCER

  • Me turning down the volume every time she curses, lol

  • How is she single??? Omg gorgeous!

  • 7:09 will you be swear all the time

  • Me : Lego friends heart lake city Alisha: Monica chandler

  • Charli is not a celebrity