How I Lost Weight: Fitness Routine, Healthy Snacks, Workouts, and Noom!

Објављено 14 авг 2020
Finally sharing my fitness routine and how I lost weight! There's workouts, healthy snacks, and more. Also, thanks to Noom for sponsoring this video! Click here to take the free online evaluation:
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  • You guys keep wanting more fitness vids ...soooo HERE YA GO!!! Lmk if you try out the healthy snacks cause yo those dates are BOMB AF!!! What's your fav healthy snack?


    • does noom cost?

    • Sexys girls love kiss 🌹 like 💙

    • Hi, I'm rewatching this and I would really enjoy more videos like "Day in My life Workouts, and Healthy Food Ideas".

    • AlishaMarie Truth or drink with your roommates

  • Just listened to your podcast and cannot believe you were at 12% BF. You look bomb!!!

  • Are you rich or something? I don't have all those equipments at home

  • Full body workout with weights please!!

  • dude, my moms on a weight loss journey and she made the date things, they actually taste like a chocolate bar, wth, they are so good


  • I’d love to see a full workout I try everyday but I think full body working smarter sounds good to me ☺️


  • i hope your having a great day also check out jocie b asmr

  • Uhm im under 18 can I still do noom?

  • I love this so much ty for making me motivated Alisha ❤️❤️❤️

  • tbh keeping a nutritionist or even a trainer is a huge waste of money when u can do the same from youtube videos for free!

  • Sexys girls love kiss 🌹 like 💙 Bye💙

  • "I was always so scared that my thighs would be massive and huge because I gain muscle so quick... It's in my genes" I am legit the same XD small youtuber

  • 🥗🥗

  • Alisha if you see thing I would love if you make a vid of all the exercies so I cna see what your workout looks like also if you could can you do it without wieghts

  • Is it just me or does sometimes she looks like Franny Arienta?

  • I need to know where this exercise bike is from 😍😍😍

  • Wow 😮

  • Squats for days

  • Yesssssss to the full body workout


  • no weights workout pleaseeeeeee

  • Thank you for this :) I just went to the doctor and I guess I’m overweight? Even though I do cardio 2 times a week

  • squats for days

  • Stop saying so meany bad words

    • Many*

  • Do with and without weights

  • we need more truth or drinkkkk

  • squats for days

  • Im sorry but her always doing the peace signs is so cringey.

  • I’m insecure about my stomach and thighs😔🥺

  • popping into say ... that you for telling us all were beautiful nmw!!!!

  • Okay but here's the real tea: Slice apples into "bread slices", so thin and wide. Smear peanut butter (or sprinkle PB2 for fewer calories) on the slices of apple Then put two medjool dates peeled in half around the apple slice. There's no going back.

  • I really enjoy the food tips for people

  • Is noon free💖🦋😇✨🥺

  • Squats for days

  • im proud to say that you're part of my childhood!!!

  • im proud to say that you're part of my childhood!!!

  • Squats for days!😘

  • I LOOOOVED this so much, do it again!


  • Yesss! With weights!

  • I love watching these videos. These were some of the first type of videos I would watch back in the day haha. Love watching these and her vlogmas videos! Can't wait for this year's! :)

  • bro i have never tried a date lmao

  • i hate that you have to pay for noom, i don’t have a job and can’t afford it i’m in my first year of uni and still have a total of 6 years.

  • I love the 3/12/30

  • i am so going to try those date snicker snacks!!

  • Omg all these videos remind me of 2014 Alisha😱😱 her hair omg she hasn’t changed at all

  • Squats for days!

  • Is the almond butter she using unsweetened or not?

  • I am very out of shape and i NEED this!!!!!

  • I haven’t watched your videos in like a year so soon as I saw your picture I was like omg she lost weight . You look so good

  • Your videos are so entertaining to watch like bruuuhhh and I’ve been watching your videos ever since I was in middle school lol 😂

  • Alishaaa plzzz we need a home workout

  • I lost almost 60lbs on weight watchers and I feel like a new person. I used to be 190+ lbs (5’5) and now I’m around 130, only a few lbs away from my goal weight! It feels so weird to finally feel confident and happy in my skin :)

  • people watching this in their beds with 5 chin’s be like 👁👄👁

  • Watching this while I’m at the gym! Thank you for being so encouraging🤗


  • This video puts me right back into a real perspective. I just did a work-out but had to quit because I was getting sad during these exercises bc of all the expectations of the media These tips are SO HELPFUL! 🤍 thank you

  • I really love this video definitely have to try noom cant weight to do my weight loss video

  • Just eating apples make me happy, lol

  • this is for future me :)) 4:53

  • I would like a full body workout with weights

  • Doing the 12.0 -30 right now!

  • You're so cool! I'm a huge fan!!

  • i friken love alisha do more truth or drink

  • I love you alisha you are my favorite person in the entire worldddd

  • Please do a workout routine on your vlog channel! I need some motivation and some more workouts to do!

  • Squats for days

  • Roommate wars !!!!

  • Hold on since when did you have brown hair i swear you were blonde like yesterday.

  • me.Watching this well eating takis 👀

  • Alishaaaaaa. We need your whole workout video nowwwww. 😂👍

  • wow!!! this is so inspiring☺☺my husband and I are on a weightloss journey ourselves to lose 45kg(100lbs) each, we love life and doing fun stuff together but unfortunately, we love eating to..... and we realized if don't do something now we are not going to grow old together and that makes me sad😪we are each other's biggest support system and that helps a lot. it's taking longer than I thought it would, but I'm sure we will get there!!

  • Love Alisha's personality on her Podcast...RScycle is still questionable..

  • 🤯

  • I know I am 8 but I will Try to do what you do I’ll get my brothers wait and I’ll start doing those I’ll go on the treadmill no I don’t have a treadmill what I want to bike and frequency gotten Rohr I’ll go on the rower because if you do the robber a body easier to push with your legs to go backwards arms you had to hold his bar so I’ll do that more often I’ll try to do it more often I’ll eat healthier foods since this video started this encouraged me and I’m only 8

  • Please please do a video dedicated to full body work out that way I can probably speak for a lot of us but that way we can work out To your video kinda like you coaching us. I would really appreciate it. I'm half blind so it's hard to get to a gym so if so you do a full body work out with hardly any work out gear that would be amazing


  • I just tried the dates and omgggg

  • Yes to a full body tutorial with no weights!! And what are some more healthy snacks?

  • last to leave your room pretty basic lol

  • im loving the content

  • Is noom money

  • I don’t have “healthy snacks”

  • Love u alisha! Been watching since I was in middle school and now I’m going to college!

  • Yess thank you for showing the workouts

  • squats for days.

  • Please continue making these videos!!! You’re one of the most relatable you tubers. Much love your way. I hope you can keep your motivation going!❤️

  • With weights

  • Please do more 24 hour challenges

  • 😊

  • Thanks alisha u helped me In motivation .....

  • Squats for days

  • Truth or drink with your parents.😂

  • Oh my goodness I loved this! I hope you make more fitness videos in the future because I am LOVING THEM

  • Excellent video! We are both in our 80's and are all about healthy aging. We still strive for a healthy body, a calm mind, and a positive outlook. We feel better than ever! We are doing research for our new tiny RScycle channel and learned a lot here. Thank you and keep it going!


  • with and without weights !

  • Omg 😭😭 you are my childhood and I miss u and I find u again I love u 😭😭💔