LAST to Leave the Kitchen Counter WINS $1000.00 Challenge!!

Објављено 23 авг 2020
Shoutout Mr Beast for the challenge inspo! Last to leave the kitchen counter wins $1,000.00! Want more roommate wars? What challenge should our sorority house do next?? xo -Alisha Marie
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  • Hahahahaha omg I love us!!! Lol the comments!! GUYS WE LOVE EACH OTHER I PROMISE! 💕 it’s not like that!! We r like sisters so we mess with each other like sisters!

    • Taryne Renee is my spirt animal. In so many of Alisha's videos and Ash's videos i see taryne and im like she is me.

    • taryne i feel like we are the same person lol. i am the most competitive person about EVERYTHING and i love to be annoying

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣HaHaHahahahaha

    • @AlishaMarie after 3 month I can’t with this video

    • This video was so funny and what kind of drink are you drinking please Notice

  • hi friends in the comments, Alisha will never see this but I just uploaded a moving vlog series to my channel & posted a vlog of my first day in my new apartment. I would rly appreciate if u guys checked it out

  • You guys should do last to leave to pool challenge!

  • Omg this is so funny! 🙌🏼😂❤️ I would have suggested that you play the floor is lava but considering that they lasted almost 8 hours on a kitchen counter then I’m sure that lava game would be no problem for them

  • do last to leave alishas room plzz

  • Last to stop moving win $ 10000 please!!!!!

  • Who was filming at the beginning

  • Roommates spend 24 hours in Alishas room

  • Dude i was wheezing when she hit her head on the light

  • they were literally trying to make tayne feel bad

  • i was team taryne the WHOLE time now what a girlboss

  • This video and comments got a little intenseeee

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • LOL I am so surprised you and Taryne were on a team I lowkey thought you and TK would team up and Taryne and Ashley would. Loved the vid

  • Switch lives switch for 24 hours

  • Whoever would leave the pool first challenge

  • They all were so rude to taryne

  • Legit me trying to beg my mom to have a sleepover: 7:21

  • No technology for 24 hours or a week (besides cameras of course)! Winner gets a cash prize.

  • Tk is a jerk

  • I knew taryne would win yess bitch

  • What the fuck this was hilarious

  • TK is annoying. Ashley did not need this money.

  • dude she was TOO nice about the legos. i would’ve pushed em both off, got my legos, and sat back down with my money and lego set.

  • when they started singing hamilton i immediately clicked the like button

  • عرب موجودين

  • why do Ash be lookin so comfortable on that counter tho

  • 24 hours in Alisha’s room all of the roommates

  • GIRL- i feel so bad for taryn :( tk and ash were being so mean to her. it's a competition, you don't split. i don't know but tk was being really unfair "everyman for themselves" then like 2 minutes later "let's put our egos aside and split it"

  • 5:11 every little sister

  • It's like the modern day Lord of the Flies lmao

  • tk, no one wants to “go out and have fun with my roommates” with your huge attitude

  • we need more of these

  • Taryn was literally just doing the challenge why would you split it three ways if you were trying to win a challenge.

  • Tayrne getting gaslighted constantly when she needed it the most wasn't it😔

  • Ashley should have gotten off she makes the most

  • Taryne was the only right one like the whole point was to win 1000 and if she wanted all of that then why would she give it up🤨

  • im totally like ash

  • no cause the laugh at 4:30 makes me scream i love it

  • You should all spend a night in one of your guys room

  • this is the most TK and ash annoyed me soooo much. like she is willing to keep doing the competition like would you spilt it in survivor and big brother, no it’s a competition you play to win the whole prize not splitting it. Taryn period queen you keep the “grudge” life!

  • Tk is like that annoying little sister, lol😅😎

  • POV the new pitch perfect group 🤣🖐 4:06

  • I have in idea you guys could do last to leave the bathroom

  • TK was saying its unfair and getting bad at taryne for playing properly cmon

  • So I kinda new to the videos so who are her roommates? I know one of them is her sister

    • Here are the roommates. There are four in total including Alisha. 0:21 is Ashley Nichole (Alisha's older sister) 0:16 is TK [short for Taylor King] (Alisha's assistant) 0:11 is Taryne Renee (Ashley's best friend and Alisha's friend) 1:24 is Alisha Marie (obviously lol)

  • Can we have a pt.2!!!

  • Your next challenge should be switching dog for 24 hours

  • This video was so funny omg . You need to make more roommate vids like this

  • it wasn't an ego thing they all wanted to win but didn't want to except that fact that she would stay there all night

  • i get yall annoyed ( Fr LiKe Me tOo 🔫 ) but they’re literally bestfriends/roommates ✨💀✋🏻 its looks harsh but they’re jk ( well i hope so )

  • What happened to your old old videos like the summer ones back to school diys

  • Omg roomate goals!!✨💓

  • Well I personly think Ashley was cheating because half of her body was off the counter....

  • LOVE the Hamilton part

  • i really didnt like TK and Ashley in this. Taryne was playing the game and they were just mad that they knew they werent going to win.

  • you guys should be on bigg boss perfect candidates

  • "My therapy went great btw" ummm....alright....

  • Hectic

  • So glad ur therapy session went well:)

  • Taryne is the only one that actually needs the money. She actually works a real job while Ashley and TK do social media as a job, and the 2 of them combined probably make more then Taryne does, so there’s no reason for them to want to split it. 1 brand deal for them is like $2k so Taryne deserves all her money because she has a real job where she makes the least out of everyone in the house

  • I love this video so much idk why I just keep on coming back to it

  • Tk a bit mean like Lego’s no that is so one self 🥺🥺 like I don’t like it so I know how to fills ❤️

  • I love how she try’s to. Read and Is on her phone

  • 👁👄👁

  • Last to leave Alicia‘s bedroom that would be a good challenge

  • I'm Taryne. Taryne is me.

  • Lol

  • do a 24 hour challenge in the garden

  • what is the name of the outro song?

  • Omg I love them

  • " i wanna thank mom and dad for my bladder"😂😂😂❤❤❤

  • Plot twist, there’s an earthquake


  • “I was fired ash” -taryne

  • The other two were mean I Stan Tayrne

  • if asley ad TK wanna split it just get off

  • Cha Ching

  • Taryne deserved it the most

  • Last to leave ur room

  • Taryne needs to go on MrBreast


  • Last to leave the stairs

  • Your next roommate meeting challenge should be last to touch or step on the floor wins $1000

  • My chilling watching the video everyone randomly singing hamilton Also me HAMILTON!!!!!

  • Alisha is so the younger sister like she gets board quick she annoys Ashley And ash hits her bottle it’s just the sister life

  • tbh i watched this video the second it came out and i have been holding on to this thought this whole time: I do love TK and I watch all of her videos but she had no right to get so pissed at taryne just because she herself had no patience. Taryne was playing the game/challenge the way it was meant to play and TK was being unreasonable and just wanted the easy way out. Ashley was also kinda ganging up on Taryne too but TK was mostly at fault. Sorry TK but you were kinda a bitch in this video. *disclaimer i know nobody is perfect and this doesn't change the fact that ily TK❤️*

  • TK was so bratty gosh, she’s talking about ego and then has the biggest one

  • Yes to Taryn's energy all day

  • Taryne was a whole mood 😂💕

  • to all the ppl saying they were being so mean, honestly, tk was acting like such a little sister and it was so funny i was getting a crap load of sibling fights, and that comes from me a middle child WITH SISTERS (who are psychotic) 🤪

  • Today I have watched this 3 times somehow omg. Ahahahaha I have watched this 5 times since it came out and I don't know how I watched it 3 times today.

  • TK and Ash were being so fkn annoying lol. Like T just wanted to fkn play the FKN GAME holy shutup about splitting it + throwing her legos... reminded me of some mean girl shit 😂 ruined the vid for me

  • Taryne stayed on the counter for real

  • This vid turn into blonde vs brunette

  • Ik this late but do a last to leave outside

  • cha-ching

  • Ashley is such a mood this whole video

  • Ngl i just had the best cinnamon breadsticks ever.

  • You shuld do the last to leave the bathroom but everyone in one bathroom😂