TIKTOK MADE ME BUY IT Part 2!! Amazon Kitchen Gadgets, Organization, and More!

Објављено 12 јул 2020
Tiktok made me buy it part 2 is here!! Here is a haul of new kitchen gadgets, organization, and random things I probably didn't need haha What's something you bought because of tik tok?
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Storage Jar (Small): amzn.to/3e3McyG
Storage Jar (Medium): amzn.to/2DarvUJ
Storage Jar (Large): amzn.to/38uyqE3
Cooking/Baking Kitchen Utensil Set: amzn.to/3f7244B
Herb Mincer: amzn.to/2ZHTfrx
Garlic Peeler: amzn.to/3gvpX6g
Cutting Board/Bowl: amzn.to/2Z4OCIW
Rice Ball Molds: amzn.to/2D9y9KY
Water Bottle Holder: amzn.to/3e5u7Qs
Avocado Slicer: amzn.to/3f00ly1
Refrigerator Water Bottle Holder: amzn.to/3e6gzUU
Bag Sealer (Similar): amzn.to/38v8uIe
Warming Butter Knife: amzn.to/3f0gaVo

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  • What is something you want to buy because of TikTok?? Do you think it's gunna get banned??? xo -Alisha

    • skincare fridge

    • Mini vacuum for tables

    • Where are the links

    • i lov ur channel and it rlly helps me on what to buy but like u act and wear clothes like ur 15 but you are 27.

    • Can you do more please please i love it's

  • What a wonderful video. I want too.😍

  • Lol my mom has those water bottle holders 😂😂😂😂

  • The garlic thing does work I have it lol

  • tiktok

  • More of these videos!!!

  • Now I just say “we’re Gucci” when I get hurt, drop something etc.

  • where are you necklaces from??

  • Can you test the bag sealer and a straightener? Cause you think they’d do the same thing but i feel the straightener would melt it more😅

  • I have the garlic peeler and it does work really good so it might be the one you got

  • Mini vacuume for tables

  • i havn't seen this in tiktok

  • Um the dog got scared 😭🤚🏼

  • 'It looks like i have my life togheter

  • The amount of times she said literally ....

  • all these boujee stores... includes target

  • Nobody: Me: the garlic is a runner she a trackstar

  • TikTok

  • the number of times that she said ecstatic lmao

  • Only OGs remember roommate prank wars 🤣🤣

  • I need a part 3


  • i remember when she made up names like she would mix her name with whoever she collabed with.....the memoriess

  • Alisha says that getting excited about kitchenwear mean that your getting old. I'm 14 years old and I get excited over kitchenwear everyday LOL

  • yall is that glitch jus the videooo?

  • her outro will always slap

  • A waaaaay easier way to peel garlic, is just to put a knife over it, smash the garlic, and the peel comes right off.

  • anyone else have literally no water bottles lmfaoooo

  • it's so cute how she says "fyound" lol

  • Girl you and Amazon are besties👯

  • Ok but the weird thing is that Alisha is the third person I saw that got tricked by that knife thats supposed to "heat up"

  • that "avocado slicer" is such a stupid purchase imo :| you could literally achieve the same results with a knife + a knife is more versatile and doesn't serve only one function unlike that item lmao

  • Next video Remi organised my fridge

  • I Alisha my name is devki

  • Alisha: *casually throwing 2020 in the trash*

  • i hate to be this person but i’m pretty sure you could just use a flat iron to seal your bags 🤭😬

  • *Me realising that I have the same cutting board as alisha

  • All this cheaper on shein xx

  • Alisha: rice ball Me; oooooh Comments: why you sound like a zero from toy story!

  • Oooooh

  • My favorite is the garlic launcher from 11:28

  • Something I've purchased from amazon cos of tiktok is this blender water bottle thing which is actually very good u should consider buying it

  • ALISHA its Herbs not erebs

  • I love your chancel and you are amazing I watch all your video

  • A (smart) keyboard

  • I wish everyone the happiest lives they could live. You deserve it. You’re worth something, don’t ever doubt it.

  • Who wishes Alisha didn't have that brown bump on her head?

  • can you do the same type of video but with cheap/affordable stuff?

  • OMFG only the OGS no what '' CONTENT BABY CONTEXT" mean. From one of the PB First episode. YA I love it sooooo much

  • 3:05 "this is a kitchen gadget you need" yeah $10 gadget that its result can be yielded with a knife and spoon. yeah no

  • So cool this avocado ting

  • Tik tok

  • a ✨💍💡ring light✨😊😝🌼

  • when you say ur not hungry and mom comes in 8:54

  • loved alisha since 2016 still love her

  • Tiktok

  • I love Alisha and my name is also Alisha 🥺🥺😂😂

  • girl its called a FLAT IRON to seal ur DORITOS HAHAHA THE SAME THING

  • Targen Boojie? Someone finally gets me

  • "this is kitchen gadet u need" me not liking avocado:👁️👄👁️

  • Ok but why does she have so many tumblers

  • I had my mom buy the avacado thing because of Alisha(it’s truly amazing)

  • You can literally have a smoking /drinking game with the amount of times she says literally lol 😂😂



  • I bought a small atm machine because of TikTok-

  • All the times Alisha said literally

  • tiktok

  • When I worked at Panera we used that herb slicer tool

  • omg we have the avo thing and we love it so much and my sister is a avo addict

  • You look really sad lately

    • Isn't everyone tho? Lol

  • Do part 3

  • Take a shot every time Alisha says Literally 🤪

  • Zthis is how many times she said perfect little rice ball

  • I saw The butter knife in rossana pansino 's kitchen gatchet vid 😂

  • Tik tok

  • u r house is full of white stuffs cute

  • imagine opening a bag of chips when your parents don't want you to hen closing i with the seal thingy

  • 0:38 .... did you sit in Chloe??????? 😂 Also love these!!!

  • my favorites on amazon after watching your videos: 📈📈

  • Me too. tiktok influence.

  • Tik Tok

  • 13:31

  • 5:37

  • “She’s grown” by aliasha lol

  • hey girl if u like water try cirkul its amazing and its only 8 dollars for a starting kit i drink more water with this product it makes water taste like pop, or coffee

  • Aww that was so sweet when I think Ashley asked if she was good when she dropped something !

  • 3:07

  • me and my family had that avocado slicer before tik tok existed

  • We have the garlic peeler things and they work great! Ours are a little different though

  • ms alisha has matured since 2015 .

  • i have that avocado thing it’s so amazing i use it constantly

  • I literally said “bless you” so casually when she sneezed 😂 I guess it was just instinct 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • I saw Rosanna Pansino using the knife and she said she hated it😂🤣

  • " tiktok! " I love ur videos and u r my favorite RScycler! And tbh, after this video, TikTok won't be banned anymore!!! Lol. I love u. God Bless you!

  • Iv’e been really craving your videos lately

  • take a shot everytime alisha says 'literally'

  • Me being allergic to rice 😫😒😔

  • Love your uncovered sneezes! Do keep them in ur videos as always. Thanks

  • 4:39 bless u alisha