TRUTH OR DRINK!!! ft. Niki Demar

Објављено 1 нов 2020
Truth or drink 3 is here and it's with Niki Demar! Who should I play truth or drink with next? Check out Niki's music its fire:

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  • who should i film truth or drink with next??

  • 5:01 "i want weed not this"

  • What is

  • This truth or drink is my favorite of all time

  • alisha has the prettiest laugh

  • Do one with Gabi she’s so funny when she’s drunk 😂😂😅😅❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥💖💖

  • i feel like alisha holds so many secrets due to these vids

  • Alex who?

  • Alisha I have watched all of your truth or drink but can you do it with gross items and like this. Also, love your style where did you get your shirt and I love your content so much keep posting.

  • Do one with Gabi the twin sister of Niki 😌

  • you should do a truth or smoke!

  • BUT ALISHA DID HE REPLY, love you and your channel

  • Alisha said: let’s ruin your childhood

  • Dude wtf why is she so cute

  • bethany mota

  • * I want weed I don’t want this * - FELT 😩

  • u should do the next one with roomies, remi, gabi

  • Gabi

  • Plzzzz the thing that brought me back to your channel after a 7 year hiatus was this more please


  • I like this trend but they keep drinking and never spill the tea it’s lowkey annoying

  • Omg obsessed with your Laugh!!!!!

  • 🥂🍾You should Truth Or Drink with Gabi Demartino.🍾🥂

  • I love your truth or drink vids

  • Noooooooo that guys is dating the other new girl in that movie

  • Not these youtubers thinking Taylor from NETFLIX is gonna reply to them.. he must get hundreds of thousands of texts

  • they should do this high

  • Her ponytail looks bomb

  • *manifesting taylor and alisha to be real*

  • Niki Demartino I love your vids you and Gabi are really good youtubers I love you so much

  • iconick.

  • I’m exactly like that about my relationships- friendships are so important before going into a relationship

  • when they ask if nikki was attracked to alisha me with all my friends

  • Iconik

  • Do you mean Marco from kissing booth. And if sk what is his actual name

    • Taylor Zakar (or zahar I’m not sure) Perez (I don’t know how you actually spell it hahaha)

  • Iconik

  • I watched y'alls videos back in middle school like 5-7 years ago, and I'm in college now. I think y'all can definitely get another wave seeing as MOST of your "12-13 year old" audience are young adults now and relate to your content in that way.

  • Aisha i demand a podcast lol. ilysm

  • Ok, miss alisha and Niki are so close. We have missed this is Lockdown ❤️❤️ PLEASE FOLLOW THEM BOTH. ON ALL SOCIALS AND MAKE SURE YOU SUB. I pee myself with laughter all the time. ❤️💕



  • 4:39 not niki coming at her own bf 💀

  • Love you both!!! My question was the one about niki liking alisha in more than friends way? I am sorry Niki if that was a bad question or made you upset in any way!

  • Subscribe to my channel for puppy/dog vids!

  • Can I just say that i'm in love with Niki makeup 😍

  • Iconik

  • iconik hehe

  • ok it's been 5 months. did he reply

  • Alishas laugh is everything

  • i felt that in my soul when Niki said "I want weed I don’t want this"

  • Nicki is so fkn prettty like hoooow omg❤

  • I love how when the drink they basically answer

  • You know Nikkis drunk when she pulls out the finger movements

  • Who wants Gabi and Alisha to do a Truth or Drunk? It would be *I C O N I C*


  • i just want friends that will be in videos with me hahaha

  • It sounds like you are possibly a demisexual. You should look it up.

  • “I want weed, I don’t want this” literally me every time I drink

  • gabi

  • i think it completely works because the majority of you guys' subscribers have grown up too and no one wants back 2 school content anymore at this age lol.

  • Can someone pls tell me where alishas shirt is from?

  • Notice how all of alishas friends that she lost or lost some spark with them it happened when remi became Alishas friend so I think remi is a different person of camera

  • Are...are they both water signs? without looking anything up Alisha comes off as a Cancer and Niki a Pisces lol

    • nikis a taurus n alisha is an aries

  • she should do it with gabi that would honestly be soooo goood

  • omg pls do a truth or drink with all ur past youtuber collaboraters

  • who's watching this at 14 years old?

  • Omfg Alisha....Now i see it....This is just an excuse to drink with your influenza friends😂😂

  • This i think is the best truth or drink vid i have ever seen.

  • Plz do this with your roommates!!

  • I was watching Alisha and Niki's videos when I was around 7 or 8 and I am 14 now. I enjoy the more mature content even as a teenager and not an adult.

  • i fr loving these vids

  • ‏nike just make all the videos just so good!!!!! And how she gets so embarrassed when asked if she was ever attracted to Elisha😂🤣😃

  • I honestly thought you both weren’t friends anymore so watching this = happy !!

  • I’m sorry but LA is so overrated. Opportunities are everywhere if you work hard enough.

  • Alex is hot af! Such a shame Sierra and Alex didn’t last lol

  • Back then my 17 yr self would’ve NEVER imagined that after a GNI show they would go to clubs 😭😭 lmfao

  • ikonic

  • alisha’s laugh makes me laugh sm harder lmao

  • Two of my fav RScyclers collabing. Yay 🌞💚

  • honestly iconik:)

  • “ i want weed i don’t want this”

  • Here because I love nikki

  • Tk

  • I felt Niki with the bi question 😂😂, we all had that friend we had a crush on that we swore they would never know

  • 6:30 HAHAHAHAH

  • Iconik

  • Omg do one with Remi

    • She already did but the audio was off because the microphone was unplugged so there’s only gonna be one part on remis channel Pd watch her vlog channel hahah


  • niki: mother- the ad: WRITINGS NOT THAT EASY

  • Alisha you need to drop that makeup tutorial!

  • Nikki is just so sweet and down to earth ❤️

  • Dude 2013 is was fricking 3 OMG 😱

  • I want to do this with niki to learn more about her lol

  • I am honestly loving the vibes and just the content in general is 10/10

  • lida and niki are so gorgeous in this video

  • just gonna say this the guy from the kissing booth when they filmed this was going out with Joey King

  • whos alex

  • Niki: “I want weed, I don’t want this” Me: looks over at the blunt I rolled specifically for this video wishing I could pass it to her :(

  • iconik

  • Do Gabi